Orange Blossom Balboa seeks to make the Orlando Balboa scene BAL-Awesome. We host classes, workshops, and dances to cultivate the love and growth of Balboa. We want to share information that helps individuals experience and develop their personal dance styles and find workshops and exchanges across the globe. 

Balboa is a jazz partner dance under the large umbrella of swing dancing. It is characterized by a close, elegant embrace, subtle flow, and quick foot movements and embellishments. It is usually danced to up-tempo early jazz style music - think Big Band Jazz. 



Jon Edmiston and Shannon O'Donoghue started partner dancing with Lindy Hop in 2010. They have been dancing balboa since 2013 and their enthusiasm and love for the dance grows every year. They have been running a balboa practice group since 2014 and have traveled a lot for bal workshops and dances since that time as well. They want to share that and more with all of you. See you on the dance floor! Bal <3


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